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Title: distinguish the right from wrong during selecting the waste tire processing production line
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    Distinguish the right from wrong during selecting
        the waste tire processing production line


Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd. has engaged in design, manufacture,installation and commissioning of    waste tire processing production line for more than 16 years, and has set up a number of fully automated waste tire    processing production line in domestic and abroad.
    Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd. issued a similar announcement in April 2011 that: several companies in   Beijing and Jiangsu province prostituted the pictures and video informations of Wuhan Green world Technology Co.,      Ltd. on waste tires processing production line built in Anhui, 2009. Investors please distinguish the right from wrong      during selecting the waste tire processing production line, so as not to bring you unnecessary economic losses.
    Wuhan Green world Technology Co.,Ltd. constantly updated the technology and equipment of fully automated        waste tire processing production line.We warmly welcome investors to visit the production line built by us. Isn't afraid of than goods, fear of not discriminating.
    In addition, the waste tire processing production line is not static, Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd. can      design, manufacture and install tire crushing equipment according to the actual situation and requirementsof investors, so that investors can get good value.


Wuhan Green World Technology Co.,Ltd

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