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Title: Description of waste tyre recycling prodution line
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Description of waste tyre recycling production line


- Dual Stage of Heavy Duty Crushers
- Specially Fabricated Cutters, 3 Times More Durable;
- Capacity: 0.5– 10 Metric Tons/Hour
- Crumb 99.9% Clear of Steel or Fiber Textiles
- Compact Construction that Saves Space and Saves Energy by 30%.
- Entire Process Consists of only Mechanical Procedures at Ambient Temperatures
- Central Dust Filtering System Leaves No Pollution Emissions.
Scrap Tire Recycling Plant includes the following major components:
Tire/tyre Crusher: Breaks down the entire tire into 50 x 50 mm chips;tire shredder machine , tire shredding equiment ,tyre recycling system ,tyre recycling ,Tire Recycling Equipment Systems ,Waste tire processing equipment, Tyre Recycle Plant ,Tire Recycling Equipment Processing,treatment of waste tyre powder   
- Sec.shredder: Further breaks down the chips into 20mm x 20mm chips.
- Granule Shredder: Reduces chips into 8mm granules.
- Magnetic Separator: Separates and discharges steel wires from the granules.
- Linear Vibratory Screener: Classifies fiber fluff from rubber granules.
- Fine Shredder: Further reduces the granules into 6mm or below sizes.
- Secondary and Third Magnetic Separations: These are belt mounted magnetic steel separators to further clean the rubber crumb from steel wires.
- Secondary Linear Vibratory Screener: Further cleans textile fluff from the smaller size rubber crumb.
- Cyclone Dust Collection System: Collects dust and fluff from granulating and shredding processes, preventing them from flying around into the open air.
- Conveyors: Belt or Screw Conveyers are used to feed or discharge the throughput of rubber shreds or granules. Screw Conveyers carry crumb in a sealed pipe hence no unwanted emission or spilling.
- Grinders: these are a group of grinders for rubber crumb to achieve powder size of 30 or even 200 mesh.
- Air Sifters: Or airflow classifiers that separate and clean crumb from dust and textile fluff.
- Vibratory Tumbler Screening Machine: Classifies crumb into different sizes or grades.


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