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Title: Rubber grinding machine
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Rubber grinding machine is the main motor driving through high-speed operation of the main pieces of lead, so that the disc moving with the disc set for a relatively cut-and-ground campaign, when the material in the feed system to carry the role into the grinding chamber, grinding group knife to cut and high-speed Grinding the dual role,the materials will be fine for grinding, crushing and then refined to achieve the purpose of the whole grinding process, in order to lower the room temperature grinding, grinding mechanism has stator cooling water pipes and out of the way, can effectively solve the work of the When the stator to the temperature rise and grinding machine to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment in a row, finished at the same time to ensure that the physical and chemical properties of powders。


    1、Production, output per hour to reach 180-250 kg。
    2、80-200 mesh of high extraction rate。 
    3、Host resistance, a key part of the production of carbide taken to a year in a row do not need to run the repair tool。 
    4、According to the customer production needs 40-200 mesh, put an end to the low number of head of the produce。

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