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Title: Discussion on the Technology of Wet-process Rubber Powder Production Line for Scrap Tire
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 Discussion on the Technology of Wet-process Rubber Powder Production Line for Scrap Tire


一、 Introduction to Technical Personnel

    Technician graduated from Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology in the early 1990s, Chemical Equipment and Machinery (Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology is now renamed Wuhan University of Engineering);

    Technicians in 1998 before helping Hubei Lianxing Chemical Co Ltd. and Jiangsu Yangzhong two enterprises were carried out chemical projects in the technical transformation; Hubei Tianhu Chemical Co Ltd. in 2004 as a shareholder, the use of a person in the hands of technology in all aspects of chemical plant construction, design, installation guidance, commissioning, training and other work;

   In 1998, technicians participated in the first fully automatic rubber powder factory in China invested by Shenzhen East Company-Dapeng Fine Rubber Powder Factory; 2000 to participate in Shandong Luneng Boda Chengwu Rubber Powder Co Ltd. Design, installation, commissioning, training, production and so on; In 2008, Wuhan Green Universe Technology Co Ltd. was established, and has cooperated with many companies, and established a number of fully automated tire rubber powder production lines in Hubei, Anhui, Shaanxi and abroad.


二、Wet-process Rubber Powder Production Line for Waste Tire

   Technicians accepted the invitation of an enterprise in Jingmen, Hubei Province in 2018, began to build a fully automated wet rubber powder production line, visited Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, on July 12, 2019, in view of the commissioning and operation of a fully automated wet rubber powder production line in Hubei Province, and completed the construction of the production line. According to the situation of Jiangxi Pingxiang fully automatic wet-process rubber powder production line, the technical personnel evaluated the two domestic wet-process rubber powder production lines from the practical experience and design of chemical enterprises and rubber powder industry for several years.


  The processes of the two wet process rubber powder production lines in Hubei and Jiangxi are generally the same, which are: mixing, grinding, screening, dehydration, drying and packaging. However, according to my knowledge and experience in chemical industry and rubber powder industry for several years, the process of this wet rubber powder production line is too complicated.

   Compared with foreign fine rubber powder equipment, the development of fine rubber powder equipment in China is relatively late, but the source of waste tires in China needs to be purchased, and the price is not cheap, while developed countries do not need money to buy waste tires, and the treatment of waste tires can also receive state subsidies, which promotes China's waste tire rubber powder. In the past 20 years, China's equipment and technology for rubber powder production are in the leading level in the world. Because of this, China's waste tire rubber powder production line has been exported to all parts of the world.

  Any technology and equipment, in order to win the favor of investors, must simplify the process and reduce costs and clear the bright spot of technology, in the final analysis, is to maximize the value creation for investors, only in this way, technology has vitality.

  2.2Equipment Selection

  But if there is a problem with equipment selection, the first is that the fully automated production line can not be a good run, followed by low technology content, the possibility of cumulative number of equipment is very large. In the existing wet process rubber powder production line, there are many problems in equipment selection, such as:

   2.2.1Whether it is room temperature rubber powder or wet rubber powder are burrs, so the ordinary screening has some difficulties, and rubber powder in water, but also increase the difficulty of screening (water is easy to form water film on the screen), if the rubber powder can not be effectively screened, then the output of rubber powder will be greatly reduced. After repeated tests, Wuhan Green World Science and Technology Co Ltd. has successfully solved the problem of low screening rate of wet process rubber powder and low output seriously affecting the production line.

   2.2.2Equipment selection should first make clear the physical or chemical characteristics of the product, so as to have a definite aim, in the actual process of wet powder production line, the proportion of rubber powder and water has been changing in all production links, which requires the designer to make adjustments at all stages according to the proportion of rubber powder and water, so as to ensure that each core equipment plays the greatest role;

    2.2.3Equipment selection is a very strong technical work, for example, in Jiangxi wet method rubber powder production line, there have been many packaging machines, in fact, these packaging machines did not play to the omnipotence of each packaging machine, that is to say, if a fully automated rubber powder production line design science, a device is fully competent, and do not need to accumulate more than one device to be competent for a certain work.


   2.4Scientific Design

   To design a fully automated production line, we must grasp the scientificity of the design, the forward-looking of the product, and do people have no me, people have me new, only in this way can enterprises obtain congenital vitality. On November 26, 2018, I wrote a paragraph on the official website of Wuhan Green Universe Technology Co Ltd. HTTP://www.lvhuanyu.cn. Wet-process rubber powder is a high-end rubber powder, which has the dual nature of rubber powder produced by freezing method and rubber powder produced by normal temperature method, not only has a larger surface area than that produced by normal temperature method, but also has the fineness of rubber powde R produced by freezing method. Hubei and Jiangxi fully automated wet rubber powder production line design only implemented the first half of this sentence, the latter half of the sentence has not been fully reflected in the production line. Although Jiangxi wet process rubber powder production line showed 200 mesh rubber powder samples on July 12, according to my on-site fingerprint testing method, there is no 200 mesh probability. Because from the observation of the operation of the entire production line, there is no concept of ultra-fine high added value.

  2.5Energy Consumption

   To design a production line, we must consider the problem from the perspective of investors and reduce energy consumption as much as possible, only in this way can we make the product gain a place in the market. This point is very deficient in the current wet process rubber powder production line.


   Now the society, the cost of labor is getting higher and higher, investors in order to let the product get a certain profit space, have to let the project to the direction of fully automated development, so as to greatly reduce labor costs, fully automated room temperature rubber powder production line and fully automated wet rubber powder production line is no exception, design a good set of fully automated production line. Under the premise of ensuring good equipment performance first, automatic optimization design is carried out, and finally the workshop is basically unmanned, which is not good enough in the current wet rubber powder production line.



      The technicians( Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD) not only have the knowledge and working experience of chemical equipment, but also have 20 years of experience and theoretical knowledge in the design, manufacture, guidance, installation, commissioning and training of waste tire powder production lines. Wet powder rubber production line or equipment has both chemical equipment and powder equipment.

         Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD, Innovative Design of wet-glue powder production line, dare and domestic existing wet-glue powder production line than the design of scientific, advanced; Compared with the scientific nature of equipment; Lower than energy consumption; Degree of automation; Than the diversification of products.

       Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD is willing to join hands with the vast number of people with lofty ideals, to contribute to the continuous improvement of social well-being, so that the sky is bluer, the water is clearer, the grass is greener!

   Green Universe, Green World, Green Earth!


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