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Title: Comparison of Tire Rubber Powder Quality by Solution Method (Wet Method) and Other Methods
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      Method rubber powder, also known as wet-process rubber powder, the original known as RAPRA process rubber powder.

     There are three pictures below, from left to right are Figure 1 (frozen rubber powder), Figure 2 (room temperature rubber powder), Figure 3 (wet rubber powder). Rubber powder with the same mesh size under the microscope is several times larger, showing the following shape under the microscope. From the picture, it is not difficult to see that the frozen rubber powder shows a flake-like structure under the microscope (because before crushing, the rubber particles are frozen into glassy substances by liquid nitrogen or other freezing media, and then crushed at high speed, mainly shearing);The normal temperature method rubber powder appears burr shape under the microscope, and its surface area is much larger than that of the frozen method. But in the process of comminution, the contact between the rubber particle and the steel mill, and the higher temperature (although cooled by a jacket) in the high-speed rotation of the millstone make the surface of the rubber powder enlarged under the microscope and many black spots, which proves that the carbonization phenomenon is inevitable in the process of comminution at room temperature; Wet-process rubber powder showed burrs under the microscope, and its surface area was much larger than that of room temperature, without any carbonation.

        In summary, the solvent method rubber powder is a high-end elastomer, which has the dual nature of the rubber powder produced by the freezing method and the rubber powder produced by the normal temperature method.

       That is, the surface area is much larger than that of the rubber powder produced by the normal temperature method, at the same time, it has the fineness of the rubber powder produced by the freezing method, of course, the tire rubber particles are crushed in the solvent, because the tire particles are wrapped by the solvent in the crushing process, the rubber powder is not carbonized in the crushing process, which can not be compared with the normal temperature rubber powder. As the rubber particles are crushed in the solution, no smoke is generated in the whole production process, and the concept of full environmental protection is achieved.

      The technicians( Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD) not only have the knowledge and working experience of chemical equipment, but also have 20 years of experience and theoretical knowledge in the design, manufacture, guidance, installation, commissioning and training of waste tire powder production lines. Wet powder rubber production line or equipment has both chemical equipment and powder equipment.

         Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD, Innovative Design of wet-glue powder production line, dare and domestic existing wet-glue powder production line than the design of scientific, advanced; Compared with the scientific nature of equipment; Lower than energy consumption; Degree of automation; Than the diversification of products.

       Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD is willing to join hands with the vast number of people with lofty ideals, to contribute to the continuous improvement of social well-being, so that the sky is bluer, the water is clearer, the grass is greener!

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