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  • To provide a variety of rubber powder

  • 40 mesh: reclaimed rubber, waterproof membranes, modified bitumen additives, carpet pad, sleepers, rubber plate, livestock straw, rubber waterproof strap, valve waterproof strap, bearing, seal, buffer, brake bush , drains, gloves, rubber band, elastic band, roof signs, brick structures top liner, sanitary pumps, corner rubber, wheel locator, rubber pad in sand pump, fender, multi-function mats, stable mats, Flame-retardant materials, insulation materials, rubber tread, windows sealed tape, such as rubber products used for agricultural purposes (milk).
  •  60 Mesh: sleepers, rubber board, waterproofing membranes, reclaimed rubber, tire inner pad, waterproof materials on the bottom of auto-body, thermoplastic elastomer, waterproof lap, miscellaneous pieces of rubber and plastic replacers of alternative raw rubber
  •  80 mesh: modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, waterproofing membrane, tire additives, thermoplastic elastomer, sleeper, road humps for deceleration, sealing strip, buffer, styrofoam, EPE mats, rubber piston, brake bushing and other rubber products.
  • 120 Mesh: Auxiliary materials of automotive bias tire, shoe-making special fillers, thermoplastic elastomer, tire of sporting equipment
  • 150 Mesh: plastic pipe additives of insulation material, auxiliary material of automobile bias tire, thermoplastic elastomer, outside mats for car renovation, filler of footwear, chemical sealant, all kinds of rubber mixture dialysis.
  • 200 mesh: building paint, automobile tires, thermoplastic elastomer, military supplies.

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