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  The company developed out at room temperature to discarded tires (rubber) to smash into a production line aimed at 40-200 (80-200 in which mesh of rubber powder production line technology for the company technology, the technology enables the use of rubber powder to reach the average size of 250 mesh  The absolute size of 200 mesh accounted for 70%), Bocaizhongzhang the production line set at home and abroad rubber powder production line equipment director for advanced design concepts and strong technical force the success of the design and application of domestic and foreign enterprises have been produced Good economic benefits

  According to the production line of discarded tires in a different section smash to take a different approach to shear extrusion grinding pulling and so on impact making the technology more scientificadvanced practical a breakthrough in the production process in general and Industrial equipment at room temperature can reach 200 bottleneck purpose The production lines and equipment is characterized by the following

 1 according to the different materials different configuration of the agent (or do not add additives) the Organization classification of the production process to ensure that the same kind of rubber powder to maintain the same performance

 2the production line to meet not only to deal with tire (tire steel wire) but also to deal with bias tires (tire fibers) so that to make full use of discarded tires to achieve the purpose more effective procedures in addition to wire and fiber to ensure that the rubber powder to achieve Should have the purity

 3 the entire production line in operation without any pollution dust noise-free non-proliferation of fiber in the workshop no waste water smoke-free 100% environmental protection

 4200 mesh of rubber powder production line at home and abroad for pioneering technology the technology has overcome at room temperature can not be 200 mesh of the industrial production of rubber powder difficulties the technology to take air and water combined with the means to effectively address the rubber powder in the crushing process In the heat degradation, such as high-temperature paste into technical problems

 5 in line Bocaizhongchang equipment application of new high-yieldlow-power equipment, production lines so that the effective realization of industrial automation control to ensure a high degree of automation production lines, less artificially operation

 6the entire production line about a reasonable layout aestheticsstress optimization of the scientific design, to ensure that the system 10 (smash systems, transmission systems dust removal system separation systems air cooling systems water cooling systems materials silencerssorting, packaging System) to operate normally


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