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1. LHYE-100 has the smallest effect for rubber properties, can basically maintain the original properties of rubber.
2. The processing time with LHYE-100 is short, only a few minutes to complete.
3. To complete the process, without adding any new equipment and new process with LHYE-100. 

4. LHYE-100 can handle all types of recycling waste rubber, including natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
5. LHYE-100 can keep the color of rubber, for a variety of color products.
6. LHYE-100 can reduce the vulcanization time and improve productivity.
7. Plastic or rubber materials mixed with LHYE-100, their wear resistance, aging resistance, etc., get varying degrees increase.

8. The products with LHYE-100, 100% environment-friendly, odorless. Adding a large number of 40-200 mesh rubber powder into materials, substantially lower the cost of rubber products.

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