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Title:waste tire recycling machine
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waste tire recycling machine

The production line technology of waste tire recycling developed by Wuhan Green world Technology  Co., Ltd  has these performance:

(1)     The feed is whole tire.

 (2)  Fully automatic, no waste (dust, water, taste) Pollution;

 (3)  Steel wire, fiber are automatic separated;

(4)  According to investor needs, the final product can reach 40 mesh ~ 120 mesh or 80 mesh ~ 120 mesh or 80 mesh ~ 200 mesh, stepless automatic sorting, product sifting rate to 93% or more (or in accordance with U.S. standards);

(5)  High rubber powder purity , low fiber content ,less than 0.01% ;

(6)  Power can be freely configured, complete or separate machine all can be customized.

(7)  The scale of the automated production line can be: The annual handling capacity 3000 tons, 5000 tons, 10,000 tons, 20,000 tons.


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