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Title:tyre recycling machine—Bead cutter
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tyre recycling machine—Bead cutter

Bead cutter

  Bead cutter is one equipment that beading the tire with the outer diameterØ1200mm tire under normal temperature, its goal is to judge the tire, for facilitating the following wiredrawing working procedure march. Its structure mainly includes: The motor, the tire baffle, the guidance board, the blade, the pulley, the rack, the oil cylinder, the hydraulic pressure stand and so on the spare parts.


Working princeple


  The motor by the shaft coupling impetus oil pump to high-speed processing, provides the high-pressure oil, leads the piston rod to reciprocal motion. when The equipment starts moving, the cylinder impetus the blade stretches, installed on the car, out of the tire back plate, then hangs the inner loop of one side of the tire onto the knife cancels, after that the knife retracts in the tire back plate by the cylinder impetus, under the guidance function of the guidance board, depending upon the knife ,the cutting edge bead the tire.




1. The fixed blade uses the high quality tool steel, the movable blade cutting edge uses the antifriction metal welding rod of high degree of hardness. the service life is long.

2. Auto selflift equipment, and raise working efficiency , the knife reciprocation power stroke is short, the equipment output is high.

3 .Two workings: manual and the automatic method, the operation is simple.

4 .The structures are simple, small weight, and small space


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