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Title:High quality Waste tyre recycling machinery from LHY
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                       High quality Waste tyre recycling machinery from LHY

The technical director of Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd. graduated from Wuhan Engineering University  (formerly: Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology) with the major of chemical machinery, who designed the first fully automated waste tire processing production line for Chinese in 1997. Since then, the technician have continued to         improve the production line technology and have built a number of fully automated waste tire processing production       line for  investors in the name of Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd. has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience on         design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of waste tire processing production line. The technician have       constantly summed up experience and improved the theoretical knowledge for sixteen years and has a good              knowledge of waste tire processing production lines in domestic and abroad. Our slogan is” all from the reality, all for the interest of investor's”; our aim is" I have them when others don't. I have better ones when others have them ". This makes ourselves stand at technological frontier, so that peers can’t catch up. On this basis, we constantly developed new, low-power waste tire processing equipment, and designed fully automated production lines according to the         requirements of customers. "Afraid not know what, afraid of confinement" Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd.   hopes that investors study  our production line from design, equipment, energy, environmental friendly, noise, knives    and other aspects to choose  the best production line .

      Wuhan Green world Technology Co.,Ltd. hopes to cooperate with ambitious people by various forms !


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