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Title:Material Recycling of Waste Tyres and application field
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                           Material Recycling of Waste Tyres and application field


In order to recycle the tyre materials, the tyres must be crushed and then separated completely into their components rubber, steel and textile fibres. Normally, the tyres are pre-crushed in slowly running shredders or rotor-cutters and afterwards processed to crumb and powder of different granular sizes in a single- or multi-stage grinding process. The two following processes are possible:

Cold grinding: In this process, also known as cryogenic grinding, the pre-crushed tyre chips are made brittle by liquid nitrogen (LN2), so that they can be ground more easily in the hammer mills. In case of cryogenic grinding, one phase normally suffices for reaching the requested separation of the components and obtaining a broad particle size spectrum of rubber crumb. A disadvantage of this technology is the high cost for the use of liquid nitrogen, since one to two tons of LN2 are required for one ton of waste tyres. Besides, the small surface of the glass-like broken crumb / rubber powder has a negative effect.

Warm grinding: Warm grinding takes place at ambient room temperature. For this reason it is also called 'ambient grinding'. The tyre chips are crushed in fast running granulators or mills without being made brittle. By means of (cutting) granulators connected in series the product is reduced gradually to the requested granular size. The main disadvantages of warm grinding with granulators are the high energy demand due to the use of several crushing phases as well as the relatively high wear of the granulator knives causing high maintenance and wear parts costs.

Application field of rubber powder

1.sports ground

track field ,school play ground,swimming pool arounding,garden alleys,bowling ground,kindergarten ground,gaming ground,tennis and basketball ground,etc.

2.auto industry

road belt for busy area,safety belt,steeling wheel cover,brake sleeve,sealing strip,buffer,mud defender,tir e interleaver

3.building and equipment

binding and sealing material, hospital,company,bathroom floor,insulation material,under-mat,livestock mat,pressing material,braker,casting material ,printing,dam,warehouse,pool,waste material disposing station, house covering and sealing, signboard, water material ,rubber sheet,shaking proof material, ring mat, rooftop and wall waterproofing material.

4.construction and asphalt

drain pipe,rubberized asphalt,filter,earth modulation and surface covering,washing water pipe,railway crossing,auto& walkway signing obstale,stuff at railway joint and road cracks, daily maintenance material at shipping industry.


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