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Title:Full automatic scrap tire processing production line
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Full automatic scrap tire processing production line
——Wuhan Green World Technology Co., LTD


The scrap tire processing production line design is not fixed, Web site's video of Wuhan green world technology co., LTDhttp://www.lvhuanyu.cn/en is the latest in the construction of a fully automated production line (Designed according to customer's needs), Video is not on behalf of the scrap tire processing production line design alternatives

 We can according to the actual situation of the investors and technical requirementsWe will elaborate design and manufacture, let investors are satisfied with our design of the scrap tire processing production line, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 the noise control;
2 dust control;
3 crushing principle;
4 the knives' service life;
5 energy consumption;
6 product diversity;
7 the terms of the number of employment;
8 pay value-added products;
9 optimal superior product index;
10 。。。。。。。

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