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Title:Technicall of the mill
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     The Mill is basically a high speed wind swept impactor unit with only one single moving part.
      Raw product feed size for this mill 25mm  and a magnetic seperator belt is fitted to the feed conveyor to reduce the risk of foreign metals entering the mill causing damage . the interesting feature of this particular type of mii , is the particle shape, due to the high speed impacting on the product within the mill , particle shape is more rounded with sharp edges. without the slimes produced in ball mills. this mill will actually liberate particles that are different by nature.
     Pulverisation is achieved by material to material impacting with hammer speeds of 90-100 metres per second within an artificially induced complex vortex by virtue of the design of this mill causing instant size reduction without the use of screens.
     High efficiency is achieved by virtue of ripping or pulling the materials apart rather then the more conventional approach of forcing the materials together in compression and together with the material to material impacting optimizing energy requirements to approximately 10% of the more conventional fine pulverization technilogies available.


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