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Title:Waste Tire recycling Machinery
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Waste Tire recycling Machinery

The advantages of the product

     Absorption of foreign technical by freezing some of the equipment used in the characteristics of domestic and international technical at room temperature grinding process, a set of independent research and development in the country's leading waste tire reclaim equipment technology.In 1999, setting up the first full automatic waste tire reclaim line in ShenZhen,In 2001,we seted up the other one in ShanDong,2007 in hubei construction in a fully automatic waste tyre processing line, 2009 in anhui building a five thousand tons full automatic processing line waste tires, after 10 years innovation, wuhan green world technology Co., LTD, design and development of independent waste tyre temperature treatment technology matures, investors can completely meet the demands of various production line:

1Wuhan green world technology Co., LTD develop full automatic production line that accept whole tyres with diameter <1200mm, according to the different raw materials, production process and ensure classification organizations at the same rubber powder keep consistent performance.

2Wuhan green world technology Co., LTD. developed a compact structure line, according to the production area of the investors, ensure the production line design process is simple and reasonable.

3The production line that we developed with high automatic,The process of scrap tire PLC automatic monitoring, through the computer equipment on boot and downtime, and the sequence of equipment running status through computer monitor, then according to the procedures set sequence shutdown, save the artificial also increased production safety.

4The production line that we developed can take both radial tire (steel wire tyre)

and skew tire (fiber tires),to achieve comprehensive utilization of waste tires.The new process ensure wires without any pimpled rubber (see detailed pictures of steel after separation, ensure rubber powder) and wire attain purity.

5Wuhan green world technology Co., LTD. line can achieve without any pollution in operation:No dust, noise, no fiber diffusion in the workshop, without waste, 100% protection (noise can design below 80 decibels).

6Under normal temperature 200 rubber powder production technology  is a creative and unique,The technology overcome the difficulties that industrial production at room temperature to make 200 mesh rubber power,This technology to combine with the air cooling, effectively solve the rubber powder in grinding process, high heat into paste, and other technical problems.

7Application of new and high and low power consumption equipment, effectively to achieve industrial automation control production line, ensure high degree of automation, operation manual.The production line equipment abandoned shear principle, this tool grinding equipment life than traditional tool service life greatly extend, maintenance, low cost, shear principle of continuous machine, grinder, if an average 20 days or so to repair a tool, time and a pair of cutter can repair 6 ~ 8 times, Shear principle of mill, the average 20 ~ 30 days screen will replace once, the investors to bring huge maintenance cost, seriously affecting the normal production.

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