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Title:Tire Recycling Plants Project operation
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1. Market moment of the waste tire reclamation
       Tire---As the biggest customer of the natural rubber, its resources regenerative has been a subject to the community public figures. Nowadays, with highly development of the rubber industry and automobile industry in our country, the enormous waste tire, scraped rubber production and its waste corner material increased rapidly. Since the rubber is not easy to putrefy, also with the increase of the waste rubber production, it has been the big barrier for the environment protection and intensified year by year. Some statistics indicated that only the tire abandonment quantity reaches more than 1,500,000 tons per year in our country, and also increased on the speed of 10% per year. However, as the waste tire can be comprehensive utilization, most of them were became the industry waste. This phenomena is not only a kind of wasting massive available resources, but also caused the black pollution. Therefore, it influenced our life quality seriously, and became a big problem on the environmental protection.
Many countries take the waste tire regeneration seriously and all passed the legislation, established corresponding organization to give fiscal subsidy or provide the tax-free preferential benefit, and so on in order to give fully support to the regeneration of the waste tire. For example, the purchase of the waste tire is free, usually is supplied by the waste tire purchase businessman. You can get a mount of subsidy correspondingly. Also, you can obtain a sum of money as subsidy by process one piece of waste tire from the government. And, many waste tire regeneration enterprises enjoy the “free-tax system” and some other preferential policies.
With the development of the science technology, the technology of using high-tech to produce the waste tire in order to extract the finest rubber powder have been applied and promoted widely, and accepted by the market. Moreover, it brings encouraging economic efficiency. The eleventh five year plan” listed the regenerate of the tire recycling into the national development summary, and supports the development of the regenerate industry by takes waste tire recycling as the key project in the circulation economy demonstration project simultaneously. The government also released some preferential policy to encourage the producing of the rubber powder, and provide many superior preconditions to the powder production enterprises. In the third main category of the superior contents on income tax for resources comprehensive utilization Enterprises, listed that the renewable resource, as the 14th item, stipulated explicitly: “when “worn out tire, rubber powder”, calculates assessed income tax, reduced includes the same year total income according to 90%”. Clearly states: "discarded tires, rubber powder," "calculating the amount of income tax, reduced 90% of the revenue was included in the total amount."
Recent years, the method to make use of separator handling equipment to process the waste tire at normal temperature into fine rubber powder obtained the approval by the enterprises in the field of chemical, and has formed a formalizations production rapidly. The finest rubber powder has been applied widely as a kind of addictive material and the substitutes of the important natural rubber. All in all, the technology not only relieved the serious situation of the short of natural rubber but achieved the regeneration of the waste rubber resources as well. Moreover, it solves the crucial issues on environmental pollution of the waste rubber.
With the support of the government, the rubber began to apply in the new field, at the meantime the market potential seems greater and shows a vast market prospect.

2. Our technology of the waste tire treatment at normal temperature and extract the finest rubber powder (30-200 mesh)
      "Environmental friendly renewable technology at room temperature" is the waste rubber (tires) processing equipment researched and developed in our company. The technological achievements are all posses with independent intellectual property rights. The three raw materials, rubber, steel, fiber, contained in the tires will be separated totally only once by a special structural wheel and 100%recycling. The working processing are sealed in the state with fully automated production lines and a good production environment, the alternative to the traditional labor-intensive, heavily polluting and high energy consumption, poor product behind the technology. Waste rubber project is adopted to deal with environmental protection, energy saving, recycling use of new technology, new materials into the high-tech technology. Producing the waste tire and discarded rubber in order to reduce the (30-200mesh) finest rubber powder at room temperature. And "Rubber reducer" will be used to restore the waste rubber into the status before vulcanized, and it can be produced to various types of rubber products. The entire production process with a high degree of automation, odorless, dust-free, no exhaust, no waste water, waste-free, superior quality products, integrated low-energy consumption, high productivity, can bring great environmental benefits, social and economic benefits. At present, our production line has been sold to home and abroad, and gains the praise from domestic and abroad!

3. The main usages and the range of application of the rubber powder
        The recycling of the Scrap rubber (tires) is the "root", and the utilization of "this", the aimed of recycling is resources utilization. The rubber powder can be divided into three parts by producing method. They are crushed at room temperature, low-temperature grinding and finest crushing. With the different crushing method, the shape, size, and surface morphology is different. The fineness of the rubber powder determines the performance and application of the powder. The smaller the size, the performance will be easier to be improved, but the production cost will increase simultaneous. Currently, the rubber powder around 30-100mesh will be most economic. a. use directly:
①、in the area of the express highway, only the pitch had been used in proving in the past. Nowadays, the rubber powder has also been adding paving in some developed country. This technology is not only reducing the material cost, but enhanced the life-span and promotes the safe index for drivers.
②、waste rubber powder has also be used in the field of plastic tiled track, aircraft track, and golf field.
③、the colored compound rubber floor brick and anti-static electricity brick which are make of rubber powder with special technology. They are applied to natatorium, kindergartens, exercise centre, gymnasium, the military and police training field, sidewalk, large-scale parking lot, washroom, computer-controlled center. These bricks can beautify the Sensory environment, and improve the taste of the places.
④、It can be added into some other products, such as hinder burning material, sole, window-used fluid sealant rubber strip, car seal belt, foot cushion in car, the road speed reducer, etc.
⑤、compound rubber pigment: the chemical industry airtight rubber, make the rubber powder into compound rubber pigment; it can be used as rubber compound antiseptic pigment, etc. b. producing the reclaimed rubber
The reclaimed rubber is the further application of the rubber powder, processing it into reclaimed rubber through "desulfurization". The reclaim rubber is used as the partial addictive and equivalent material in order to produce various types of rubber powder.

4. Environmental protection &safety
      The high degree automobile technology, smellers, dustless, dross less, and the high quality, low energy consuming, high producing efficiency of the new products are the advantages. The finest recycling rubber powder produced in our company has reached the standard of the environmental department.

5. Conclusion
     As the consciousness of the environmental protection increased, the government attached great importance to the project of recycling the waste tires (rubber), and rendered it all kinds of preferential policies one after another. With this kind of social underground, investing to the rubber powder industry seems not only protecting the environment, but also can gain a considerable economic benefits and social benefits as well. This industry is also great event that contributing in contemporary times and brings benefits for future centuries.
The waste rubber processing equipments manufactured in our company have high quality, advanced technology and vast prospect; it conforms to the nation’s industry policy and the developing demand of the recycling economy. It is little in project investment, short in construction period, and the more important is it has a very notable economic and social benefit.
The technology that developed by our company possesses much Independent intellectual property right enhanced the project’s ability to resist the risks and the improve rate of the investment repayments. As the unceasing development of the world pattern of environmental protection and advocating of recycle economy, the new type project of waste rubber (tire) comprehensive utilization would be listed as sunrise industry, and its developing prospect will be more and more splendid! Let’s advanced together with hand in hand, and grasp the tremendous business opportunity firmly to make the limitless profit. Take part into the sustainable development undertaking of the renewable resources circulation. Let’s make contribution to the mankind and create a fine homeland for ourselves!

Tire Recycling Plants Project anti-risk design:
       We provide three items of assurance for risk resistance to the waste tire recycling investor:
A. Project evaluation, marketing, survival assurance--the rubber powder producing
To help customers to make objective market evaluate of raw materials (discarded tires, rubber) resources, investment positioning and projects start. We would provide you the patented technical and producing technology, and manage experience of rubber production for free. In the initial stage of the project, our company will share with you the rubber powder sales network or the after-sales service of the finest rubber powder recycling, so as to solve the survival problem of the customers.
B. implant the technique、Improve the ability of risk resistance--the newborn powder producing
Similarly, the above survival insurance should to be done, and on the basis of producing the rubber powder, according to the requirement of the enterprise development, our company will carry out the project design planning, science and technology into the content. On the basis of the rubber powder design, our company will carry out the project design planning, and will add the science and technology into the technology. You can use our achievement in scientific research through simple process flow to produce the “new-born powder” to all kinds of rubber production enterprises.Provide you each patented technical and ingredient of the new-born powder producing, helping the customers to adjust the product construction, in order to get rid of the single business model of tire sales and form a multidirectional production line. This would help you to avoid the operational risk of the single species and the low value-added in the period of the enterprises extension.
C. superior resources integration/formation of the industrial chain/enhance the development of the enterprise-- the regenerated rubber powder producing
On the base of enjoying these two risk insurance above, we provide the patented technology, process, formula of the tire recycling products, and share you the sales net. Integrated advantageous resources of the enterprise, strengthen and adjust the industrial structure, continuous innovation, improve the quality of rubber products, and enhance the market competitiveness. Expanded the production scale, the enterprise will be promoted into a science and technology, multidirectional, high-yield-stage period.

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