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Title:Rubber powder Market development prospect
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Market development prospect
The means of recycling waste tire is that separate the inner steel wire and fibre from waste tire through all kinds of technology and granulate the rubber block into powder. Waste tire treatment equipment is suitable to international development and management way. It merit on that can recovery the waste tire to rubber reaching to the availability 100% and use the rubber in recycle. Owing to no second pollution in production process, it is really recycling rubber and long duration development. It is a future developing mould that emerge the protection environment and reuse resource through product rubber powder from waste tires.

The rubber powder are widely used and hardly coverage all lines. It can replace the materials such as plastic and PVC, instead of nature rubber, is rebirth tires.

It is used in sport runway and shoe sole. It sole can be used in highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt.

(2) The tire rubber powder using range
1. Pave the sport ground
2. Motor industry
3. Architecture & equipment
4. Built & asphalt application
5. Product rebirth rubber
6. Others application

Waste Tire Shredder Recycling Line
Large scale tyre rubber powder production line:
1)Automatically separate rubber steel & fiber respectively
2)Automatization: 4-7 persons (fully automatic operation)
3)Mesh: 10-200mesh
4)Total powder: 260-10000kW
5)Rubber capacity: 3000-10000MT/year
The production line can fully separate the steelwire, fiber andrubber respectively.

1) Feed the whole tire into the machine, no need to cut it into small pieces
2) To pull out  the steel wire automatically
3) Alloy knife cuts the tyre easily
4) Reasonable structure divides the rubber from steel wire easily
5) Conveyor installed
6) rubber mesh: 10-200mesh

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