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Title:Rubber Powder applications
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Tyre derived rubber powder and granules can be used for numerous application. In most case the tyre derived rubber granules and powders are sold on the market to end users. Numerous tyre recyclers also produce end products from their rubber crumb like for example rubber tiles.
Examples of tyre derived rubber applications:
Road and Asphalt applications
- Rubber modified bitumen
- Hot mix bitumen
- Concrete filler
- Acoustic barriers
- Road base
- Speed bumps and ripple strips
- Rail crossings
- Parking lots
- Outdoor equestrian footing
- Rubber tiles for children playgrounds
- Soil amendments
- Home and garden products
- Flooring for cattle farms
- Turf and horse training tracks
- Mulch
Construction and building
- Roofing shingles
- Rubber modified bitumen
- Sound insulation
- Carpet underlay
- Shock absorbers and mounting pads
- Foundation material

Sport surfaces

- Base and infill for artificial turf (soccer, hockey, baseball)
- All weather running tracks
- Tennis courts
- Rubber tiles for fitness
- Coatings, paint
- Solid tyres for waste bins, etc.
- Irrigation hose
- Oil binders
- Friction materials
- Filler for new rubber and plastic compounds
- Shoe soles


- Brake pads
- Tyre retreads
- Mud flaps
- Floor mats
- Trailer bumpers
- Pedal cover
- Filler in new tyre manufacture (3-5%)

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