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rubber shredder

This machine is to smash 18mm rubber processed by tire crusher into 515mm rubber grain 

Working principles

materials directly enter from the in-filler into chamber, pass on transfer, part drive principle axis to revolve at high speed, make movable sword and stable sword cut materials into grains at a high speed, volume of materials can be controlled by adjusting the interval between swords to let grains fitting to filter output from outlets. The smashing room is cooled down by circular water all the way during the whole smashing process.



1. Double-layered in feed funnel absorbs noises efficiently in working.

2. The circling water cooling system prevents the high temperature trend in the chamber, blade and bearings in working, which obviously avoid rubber conglutination at high temperature and prolong the lifetime and productivity of the machine.

3. The X designed blade ensures the logical and reasonable shearing method and cost efficiency.

4.The horny alloy blade can stand hard strike, wearing resistant, and flexible; the blade is in simple design, easy installation and adjustment, and last long.

5. The perforated screen is designed movable at squeeze, which ensures suitable distance between the blade and the screen and convenience for replacement of the screen.

6. The reasonable inner design decreases the noises to a great extend.


Technical parameter

Power:55-90KW     In feed size:≤18mm     Output size:≤515

Weight4.5T    Capacity450-1200kg


Waste tyre crusher Machine
Waste Tire Recycling Machine
rubber powder making line
rubber powder production line
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