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                                      Steel wire separator


1power:15kw(Voltage:380V  50HZ)

2Manufacture production:60pcs/h

3Dimension(L*W*H): 1250mm*1150mm*1300mm



Structure Characters:

1. The main working part of this machine is two relative rotary roll shafts with the same speed. When tire circle cut into the middle of two rollers, it will be extruded by roll shaft, at the same time, be squeezed, Sheared and tear by the two relative rotary rollers. And finally complete the separation of the steel wheel by many times.

2. The device consist of frame, motor, reducer,transmission machenism , communication and regulation of body roll and so on

3. Ditch is made of alloy, roll. Hard weaesistant, can be used repeatedly surfacing repair

4.This equipment has simple structure ,high efficiency, low energy consumption ,strong practial ,easy operation ,safety


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Waste Tire Recycling Machine
rubber powder making line
rubber powder production line
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