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       Flow sorting machine is to use a different weight materials will be mixed powdered materials as a separate sorting equipment, including its structure: motor, spindle, the sub-plate material, swirl ring, ring-conditioning, sorting, bearing , And other parts.

The working principle:

      Uniform material flow into the sorting machine, in the role of the centrifugal force, the material has been fully dispersed and Shuaixiang ring buffer, the whereabouts of the process, heavier materials produced in the rotor of the role of cross-currents, after conditioning Ring of leaves, Fell on the rough-sorting material from the collector after a uniform material discharge port; and lighter materials in the role of cross-currents, changes in the direction of the equipment was smoke in the central air flow into the bottom of the sorting-powder Another collector material from the discharge port.

Structural characteristics

    1. Sorting accuracy and fineness, sorting in the range of 40-200 head can be arbitrary regulation.
    2. Sorting high efficiency, wide scope of application.
    3. Aesthetic design of the equipment, low noise, simple structure, compact.
    4. Long life, easy installation and maintenance

Technical parameters





Rotor speed(r/min)


Equipment diameter(mm)


Separation size range (mesh)


Sorting efficiency(%)


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