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     YJ-300 automatic bagging machine measures in accordance with certain procedures and practices, powdered materials will be automatically put on a sub-target weight of the equipment. The structure includes: into the hopper, feeding devices, pocket folder device, weighing device, weighing control cabinet, load cell, weighing controller, automatic packet, frequency converter, control panel, the conveyor belt, Air component, and so on.


     1、 auto-complete upgrade of materials, weighing, bagging, filling, sealing, counting, the output of refined package.
     2、PLC control, touch-screen operation, the man-machine dialogue, digital set, the alarm failure, easy to operate, a high degree of automation.
     3、the work of a reliable, stable.

Technical parameters:

Packaging weight   (KG)


 Packaging capacity (P/H)


Measurement accuracy


  Power       ( KW)


use of air pressure( Mpa)


Waste tyre crusher Machine
Waste Tire Recycling Machine
rubber powder making line
rubber powder production line
Tire Recycling Plant
waste tyre crusher
waste tyre recycling
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